Innovation and Technology

Innovation and Technology

We establish optimization platforms for all functions of a project.

Intelligent platforms of technology ΙοΤ (Internet of Things), linking physical objects such as vehicles, tools, streetlights, portable devices, wind turbines, and other devices in order to enable communication, data exchange and intelligent decision making

Our services include:

  • Environmental monitoring
  • Help Desks (SCADA, hydrometering and monitoring, maintenance monitoring etc.)
  • GDPR Services and adaptation policies
  • Data acquisition models
  • Data storage and management modeling
  • Information Systems applications and data analytics.

GIS and Mapping

In the face of the broad political call for an ―energy turnaround, we are currently witnessing essential trends with regard to energy infrastructure planning, energy generation and storage: from planned production towards fluctuating production on the basis of renewable energy sources, from centralized generation towards decentralized generation and from expensive energy carriers towards cost-free energy carriers.

These changes necessitate considerable modifications of the energy infrastructure. WW&E’s team is working on the integration of energy system models and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to provide solutions for the public and the private sector. Our team is focused on GIS-based energy infrastructure planning with an emphasis on the use of renewable energy.

Our team’s ability is summarized from the identification of suitable places for smart equipment, wind and solar farms, pump storage hydroelectricity, as well as the mapping of renewable energy resources, including solar photovoltaic, wind, geothermal, biomass and hydro-electricity.

Tools for environmental management, services and organization restructuring

Our team designs tools for effective Environmental and Social Management (ESMS) for the private and public sector and monitors performance via the use of new technologies.
Our dedicated team is made up of developers, industry experts and technical consultants ensuring we can respond to each client’s individual needs. Organizational restructuring is a process that can address an organization’s unsatisfactory status quo in the constantly evolving market. It should be based on proper strategic planning, fueled by innovation, or it can be a tactical reaction to unexpected circumstances. Our team creates toolkits for such a restructuring depending on each organization’s structure and needs.

Electronic benchmarking platforms

We develop online information systems that enable authorities to easily and reliably optimize their energy efficiency strategy in street lighting, water, waste, waste water, transportation and public owned buildings.
Our team develops modernized models of data storage and information management for the public sector in order to facilitate their processes and their interaction with the public. We recently completed the Integrated Information System for the application of the Immigration Policy of the Ministry of External Affairs with regards to the standardization of all procedures concerning the processing and issuance of necessary documentation to immigrants and asylum seekers.